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How we can help

In keeping with our broad role to support, help coordinate and expand WA-India trade, our India offices work to facilitate and support the flow of trade and investment in both directions.

However, our key functions in India aim to provide local on-the-ground knowledge and expertise to support WA companies looking to grow and expand by entering the Indian market. Our functions include:

For Western Australian companies wanting to do business with India we can provide:

  • Information and advice on the Indian economy and political and cultural environment
  • Updates on developments and opportunities in industry sectors
  • Introductions to the business environment and potential business partners in the market
  • Evaluations of products and services and potential in the South Asian market
  • Representation at relevant trade shows/ events
  • Support for visits to India including assistance with logistics and appointment programs
  • Follow up with identified Indian companies to progress potential business collaboration
  • Support to business delegations visiting India for business meetings and event participation
  • Advice on the most appropriate entry strategy into the market
  • Assistance in establishing an office or presence in South Asia

For Indian companies wanting to do business with WA we can provide:

  • Briefings and introductions to Western Australia and key industry sectors
  • Assistance in identifying potential investment opportunities
  • Introductions to potential business partners in Western Australia
  • Arranging visits to Western Australia including in market support
  • Cultural advice and introductions with Western Australian partners
  • Updates on key business events in Western Australia and participation details
  • Assistance to business delegations visiting Western Australia
  • Introductions to key Government departments and Industry bodies
  • Advice and assistance in establishing business operations in Western Australia